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Xiaomi Essential

Xiaomi Essential

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Get from A to B quickly, safely – and in style. The Mi Electric Scooter Essential has a range of up to 20 km and is perfect for those who usually drive shorter distances. Thanks to its light weight and flexible design, you can now quickly fold up your electric scooter and hit the road in just 3 seconds.

Powerful motor with high capacity

The Mi Electric Scooter Essential has an impressive capacity of 187 Wh and a built-in smart battery monitoring system. In addition, the electric scooter is powered by a 250W brushless DC motor, which allows you to get around easily and comfortably.
The electric scooter has a timeless and elegant design with a body made of an aluminum alloy. This means that the Mi Electric Scooter Essential is both robust and easy to carry, as it weighs only 12 kg. The electric scooter is therefore a perfect option for those who want to be able to take their vehicle with them everywhere, whether in the car or on the subway.

 Drive safely, regardless of the season

Equipped with two pneumatic tires with anti-slip protection and shock absorbers, you can easily get on the roads. The Mi Electric Scooter Essential is also equipped with a dual braking system where the rear tire has a regenerative brake disc and the front one is equipped with an E-ABS system.

Practical cruise control and KERS system

The electric scooter is packed with practical functions and features, among other things it comes with cruise control and a KERS system which stands for the kinetic energy recovery system. The KERS system stores the kinetic energy during the braking moment and then converts it into driving power. Thanks to the cruise control, you can easily maintain your desired speed over longer distances and not have to think about increasing or decreasing your speed during your journey.

Keep track of your driving, directly on your mobile

On the intuitive LED screen, you can get a quick overview of your speed, mileage, driving mode and the electric scooter's battery level. Now you can also pair your Mi Electric Scooter Essential with the Mi Home app and keep track of your speed and battery level directly on your smartphone.



  • Engine:250W Nominal motor power, 500W Max
  • Top speed:20 km/h
  • Battery:36V 5.1Ah - 183Wh
  • Optimal range:20
  • Charging time:3.5 hour


  • Wheel size:8.5"
  • Breaks:E-ABS and disc brake
  • Display:Yes
  • IPgrade:IP54
  • App:Yes
  • Collapsible:Yes
  • Supports:Yes


  • Weight:12 kg
  • Weight Driver:100 kg
  • Size overall:108x43x49cm (LxWxH)


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