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Thule VeloSpace XT2 (2 bikes)

Thule VeloSpace XT2 (2 bikes)

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This bicycle mount can be easily installed without the need for tools. Thanks to its adjustability, it is suitable for various types of bicycles, including fat bikes. Trust our smooth and secure bicycle mount for hassle-free transportation of your bikes.
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Procuct description

Optimal protection and space for bicycles during transport

The Thule VeloCompact 926 features a sturdy one-hand connection that makes mounting and adjusting the bike carrier easy before securing it with the clamping lever. Loading and unloading is equally simple thanks to the removable bike arms with lockable handles. The bike carrier is designed to provide optimal space and protection for your bicycles. With a distance of 19 cm between the bikes, contact and the risk of damage are avoided.

To enable the transport of bicycles with long wheelbases, the bike carrier is equipped with extendable wheel holders. This allows your bike to fit comfortably and securely on the carrier. If you need to access the cargo area while driving, the foot-operated tilt function provides easy access to your luggage without unloading the bikes.

The VeloCompact 926 comes with an integrated locking mechanism that allows you to secure the bikes on the carrier. For additional theft protection, you can lock the carrier itself to the trailer hitch.

When the bike carrier has no bikes to transport, it can be easily folded down, and its compact size allows for storage in the trunk.