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Gaciron Race X 1000 L Front Light

Gaciron Race X 1000 L Front Light

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Illuminate your path with confidence using our powerful front light. With a range of up to 100 meters and a wide 118-degree spread angle, this light ensures optimal visibility in various conditions. Plus, its waterproof design and long burn time make it reliable for any adventure.
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Front light with long range

With an impressive range of up to 100 meters, Gaciron provides a crystal-clear beam of light that is both even and wide. With a spread angle of 118 degrees, it illuminates well around you. Depending on your activity and needs, you can choose between different light modes.

Gaciron 1000 & 1500 Lumen are made of high-quality materials, are robust, easy to mount, and waterproof with IP X6 certification. The front light has a long battery life and can be easily charged with the included USB cable. The charging indicator warns you in advance when the light needs to be charged.

Smart and practical front light

Gaciron 1000 & 1500 Lumen features a function called Smart Working Mode. This means that a light sensor detects ambient light levels and adjusts the brightness accordingly.

Installation requires no tools, and the light can be easily attached and removed as needed.

It is no exaggeration to say that whether you're cycling to work, training long-distance on the road, or biking to the store, you will benefit from this front light.

Tip! By using the flashing mode, you can achieve a burn time of up to 50 hours.