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Polisport Minia Child Bike Seat

Polisport Minia Child Bike Seat

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Minia child bike seat for children from 9 months to 6 years. Easily mounted on the luggage rack or frame at the back of the bike without tools. Ergonomic seat and five-point harness that keeps your child securely in the seat. The footrest and harness can be adjusted as your child grows.
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Procuct description

Bicycle child seat for children from 9 months to 6 years

The Minia bicycle child seat is easily mounted on the bike with a rotary handle underneath. Both the harness and the footrest can be adjusted, allowing the seat to be used from the child's 9 months and up to 6 years of age (maximum length 110 centimeters, maximum weight 22 kilograms). The cushion in the seat can be easily removed when cleaning is needed.

The Minia bicycle child seat is available in the colors Black, Neptune Blue, and Moon Yellow.

More sustainable transportation

In the design of the Minia seat, the environment has been taken into consideration, resulting in a more sustainable mode of transportation. The footrests on the bicycle seat can be folded up, allowing for smaller cardboard packaging to be used to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation. The cardboard is made from materials from sustainable forests.

Polisport Group, which has created the Minia seat, is a Portuguese brand known for the development and production of accessories for motorcycles and bicycles.

Suitable for children:

Recommended age: 9 months to 6 years
Maximum length of the child: 110 centimeters
Maximum weight of the child: 22 kilograms


Distance between the frame of the bicycle required is 90mm.
Frame diameter ranges from 28-40 mm in circumference.
Wheel size ranges from 26" - 28"
Seat weight 4.6 kg
Seat height 79.3cm
Seat depth 31.2cm
Seat width 38.8 cm

Extra safety

Integrated rear reflector for increased visibility.
The seat comes with a safety strap to provide a secondary attachment point.
Meets regulatory standards EN14344 and ISO11243.