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Momas Eywa Pro

Momas Eywa Pro

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Momas Eywa Pro is a brand new full-suspension model in the Eywa series. What's new? Suspension both in the front and back provides fantastic riding comfort and expands the range of use. This bike can perform just as well for commuting as it does in the woods and on trails.
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Impressive e-bike for long adventures

Eywa Pro is equipped with the powerful Momas Turbo+ motor delivering an impressive 115 Nm of torque. The battery is 33% larger, increased to 960 Wh, providing a range of up to 180 km! Eywa Pro features a wide and comfortable seat, enhancing the already excellent riding comfort to a fantastic level. The brand-new gear system, extra solid and specially designed for e-bikes, Shimano Cues 10, is also in place.

Here, we promise high comfort and riding pleasure, along with a powerhouse that easily takes you up hills and down valleys. The low step-through makes the bike very user-friendly and comfortable. The bike comes with integrated lights front and rear, luggage rack with MIK system, and aluminum fenders. These are accessories on many models, but here you get everything included. Note: Maximum weight on the luggage rack is 27 kg.

Next-Generation Gear System

What particularly sets Eywa Pro apart from its predecessor is the innovative Shimano Cues 10 gear system. This enhanced gear system is specially designed for e-bikes. It's more solid, can withstand more, and provides precise and reliable gear shifts. With this upgrade, you not only get limited exclusivity but also the latest in professional gear technology to further enhance your biking experience.

Precise brakes and intuitive display

On the screen, you can track your trips, set new goals, see speed, battery capacity, error codes, and much more. This makes it easy to control your bike rides in traffic. By selecting the assistance level on the screen, you can determine how much help you want from the motor. This makes the bike suitable for everything from training and commuting to countryside excursions.

The hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano guarantee safe and reliable braking every time. Combined with a centrally placed motor, this provides seamless and continuous assistance, perfect weight balance, and a biking experience that feels authentic.

Eywa Pro is therefore optimal for today's challenges!

Note! The battery is in sleep mode upon unpacking. To activate the battery, the power button must be held down for 5-10 seconds.

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