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Fosna Hugin

Fosna Hugin

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The ultimate companion for young cyclists - Hugin from Fosna is a full-suspension electric bike for children, made with a carbon frame. Hugin promises high riding pleasure, comfort, and precision in terrain, as well as on the road and in the city. Nordic design, carefully considered components, and high-quality technology - Hugin will provide your child with a completely new type of biking experience.
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Procuct description

Child-friendly electric bike - 100% legal

  • Maximum speed 25 km/h
  • Up to 120 kilometers range
  • 100 Nm motor power
  • 48 V, 10.4 Ah - 500 Wh battery
  • Mid-mounted motor for optimal weight balance and reliable operation
  • Weight only 20 kilograms
  • Very easy to maneuver, while also being stable and providing good grip on the surface

Benefits of a full-suspension electric bike

Hugin is a full-suspension electric bike, which provides several advantages for the biking experience. You get fantastic comfort on uneven roads, as the bike has suspension both at the front and rear, which absorbs shocks and vibrations from uneven and bumpy roads. This provides a smooth and comfortable bike ride, and you will have more energy left to cycle longer distances, as the bike absorbs a large portion of the shocks that would otherwise be transferred to your body.

The suspension in a full-suspension bike provides better contact with the surface, better grip, and control. This makes it easier to maneuver through mud, down steep hills, or around sharp turns, for example. Full-suspension bikes generally handle more technically demanding terrain. If you want better grip and control uphill, a full-suspension bike is also a good choice here. The suspension helps keep the tires on the ground and prevents the rear wheel from losing grip and spinning.

Carbon frame - provides better acceleration and increased agility.

Hugin's frame is made of carbon fiber. It's no coincidence that carbon fiber is used on competitive bikes worldwide. Carbon fiber as a material is extremely lightweight, making the bike very easy to handle and maneuver. You get faster acceleration, can take turns easier, and it's less exhausting to cycle long distances.

Although carbon fiber is an extremely lightweight material, it is still incredibly strong and rigid. It is highly resistant to corrosion, which means the bike has a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. Carbon fiber also provides good damping and absorbs vibrations and unevenness in the road. This is also a factor that saves valuable energy when you're on a long journey.

Overall, the components make Hugin a very powerful and entertaining electric bike, where you will experience increased efficiency, get an authentic biking experience, and a premium bike that makes it easy to bike more, longer, and more challenging than before.

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Motor & Battery

Motor: Fosna SR 100 - 48 V / 250 W crank motor

Top speed: 25 km/h

Battery: 48V 10.4Ah - 500Wh

Optimal range: Up to 120 km

Motor power/Torque: 100 Nm


Fork: 130 mm

Handlebar/Stem: Carbon 720 mm

Seatpost: Aluminium

Wheel size: 24"

Tires: CST 24 x 2.4"

Brakes: Sram G2

Suspension system: DNM 190x50

Display: Fosna F16

Material: Carbon

Light: No

Sound: No

Support: No


Weight: 20.2 kg

Maximum rider weight: 120 kg