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E-Wheels E4 V2 Max

E-Wheels E4 V2 Max

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The E4 V2 Max is a master of the steepest slopes with its incredible 1000 W rated motor. Quality rear and front shock absorbers promise an incredibly comfortable ride.
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Electric scooter perfect for longer distances

The E4 V2 MAX is an evolved version of the E4. With its light weight of 23 kg, it's perfect for everyday use or long-distance commuting. The E4 V2 MAX is a champion on even the steepest slopes. This is an electric scooter that doesn't skimp on power with its large, rear-mounted 1000 W motor. Front and rear shock absorbers also make it extremely comfortable.

The scooter comes with 3 different riding modes, making it possible to control the speed via the display.

With its awesome range of up to 85 kilometers, even those who have a longer distance to commute can manage.

The mechanical disc brakes give you peace of mind in case of unexpected obstacles or when you need to regulate your speed during your ride.


  • Long range of up to 85 km
  • Rear wheel drive with a powerful 1000W motor
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 3 driving modes
  • 10" tires, air filled at the front and puncture free at the rear

NOTE! Before first use

  • Check the air pressure. Fill air if necessary (recommended 2.8 - 3.4bar).
  • Take a safety check of the product; As with all means of transportation, this product also needs maintenance. This includes checking and possibly tightening screws in the folding mechanism and brakes. Before first use, all bolts, nuts and screws must be checked.
  • We recommend that you wear a helmet

Filling air is easily done using for example a bicycle pump or compressor at a gas station etc. Higher air pressure contributes to better riding comfort, acceleration, climbing ability and range. But most importantly, it drastically reduces the risk of punctures. The recommended air pressure is 2.8 - 3.4 bar. Fill the tires with air after removing them from the original packaging, otherwise you will puncture the tires like a bicycle.

Remember to take care of your electric vehicle. Electric scooters and electric bikes require regular maintenance and care in order to function optimally.

Collapsible content

Motor & Battery

Motor: 1000 W Nominal motor power, 1500 W Peak power

Top speed: 25 km/h

Optimal range: 85 km

Charging time: 8h


Wheel size: 10"

Display: LCD display

Cruise control: Yes

IP rating: IP56

Collapsible: Yes

Supports: Yes


Tires: 10" - Air-filled tire at the front, puncture-free at the rear

Weight: 23.7 kg

Weight Driver: 120 kg

Variant Size: 119 x 65 x 129

Size folded: 119 x 65 x 55

Size Package: 129 x 23 x 60