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E-Wheels E2S Urban Max

E-Wheels E2S Urban Max

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Introducing the E2S Urban MAX - the electric scooter with high comfort, strength and stylish design in one. The Urban MAX meets the demands of the modern commuter with front and rear dampers, high range, powerful battery and motor that together take the hills with ease.
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Procuct description

High comfort and power all the way

The Urban MAX provides high levels of comfort throughout the journey and is great fun to ride. Equipped with front and rear dampers, it absorbs shocks and bumps in the road and lets you enjoy a comfortable ride even on uneven surfaces.

The motor measures 600 W nominal power (illegal) and the battery 48 V, 15 Ah, 720 Wh. This allows the Urban MAX to tackle hills with little effort and has a range of up to 70 kilometers on one charge.

You've probably noticed the modern, slightly futuristic design of the Urban MAX? It has been carefully designed to provide the best possible comfort and style on the road.

Use it for your daily urban commute, for a pleasure ride on the highway or for simple errands and look forward to a truly comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Before first use

Check the air pressure. Fill air if necessary (recommended 2.8 - 3.4bar).
Take a safety check of the product; as with all means of transportation, this product needs maintenance. This includes checking and possibly tightening screws in the folding mechanism and brakes. Before first use, all bolts, nuts and screws must be checked.
We recommend that you wear a helmet
Filling air is easily done using for example a bicycle pump or compressor at a gas station etc. Higher air pressure contributes to better riding comfort, acceleration, climbing ability and range. But most importantly, it drastically reduces the risk of punctures. The recommended air pressure is 2.8 - 3.4 bar. Fill the tires with air after removing them from the original packaging, otherwise you will puncture the tires like a bicycle.

Remember to take care of your electric vehicle. Electric scooters and electric bikes require regular maintenance and care to function optimally. Check here for maintenance tips.

We do not recommend use in circumstances that expose the product to rain, significant humidity, muddy conditions or high temperature differences. The product should be used with care, do not rinse/shower before washing and it is important to dry it thoroughly after use to avoid water damage.

Nominal power vs. peak power

It is useful to know the difference between nominal continuous power and peak power. These concepts are very different. Please follow the link for more information if you want to know more.

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Motor & Battery

Motor: 600 W Nominal

Battery: 48V 15 Ah - 720Wh

Optimal range: Up to 70 km

Charging time: 4 h


Brakes: Mechanical disc brake front + EABS rear

Materials: Magnesium + aluminum

IP rating: Not specified

Headlights: Yes, front and rear

Supports: Yes


Weight: 23 kg

Package size: 1205*600*218mm