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Zovii Chain Lock with Alarm

Zovii Chain Lock with Alarm

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Chain lock from Zovii with a built-in theft alarm of a whopping 120dB! The lock is 1.2 meters long and flexible. This ensures easy locking and allows for locking around a wide variety of objects. The 8mm locking pin is made of carbide-reinforced steel.

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Powerful chain lock from Zovii featuring an 8mm carbide-reinforced steel locking pin and a whopping 1.2 meters long chain made of stainless steel! The combination of the long length and the flexible nylon cover makes it extremely easy to navigate the lock through the frame and securely fasten it to fences, etc. Additionally, it provides you with great flexibility in terms of what you can lock your means of transportation to!

The lock is weather-resistant and covered in nylon to prevent scratches on your electric bike / e-scooter. The chain lock has a built-in theft alarm of a staggering 120dB (this is LOUD!). This is a perfect lock for you if you need to leave your means of transportation at locations where the risk of theft is high!