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Zero 11X

Zero 11X

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We would like to remind you that for small electric vehicles without pedals, the maximum speed is 20km/h and the maximum power is 250W when used on public roads. Remember protection when driving!

ZERO 11X pushes the limits! This is the roughest model in the ZERO series and it undoubtedly lives up to the title from the first second. ZERO 11X gives electric transport a whole new dimension!

"With great power comes great responsibility". The ZERO 11X is equipped with an elegant damping system and incredibly responsive brakes that give you full control at all times. The frame is designed around the keyword robust and gives you the security you need. Double steering fork with built-in steering support that prevents the well-known and unpleasant phenomenon of "speed-wobbles".

The damping system consists of two adjustable 165 mm hydraulic / spring dampers, adjusted according to own weight, preference and area of ​​use. Perfect if you want higher damping for off-road use. Flows seamlessly over everything from bumps in urban terrain to large roots in the forest.

The brake system consists of two hydraulic 160 mm disc brakes with cooling fins from NUTT. Gives you responsive and lightning-fast braking at your fingertips and the cooling ensures that the brakes don't get hot. The ZERO 11X comes with a smart brake sensor that shuts off the engine with a small squeeze of the brake. This drastically reduces the braking distance.

With its powerful 72V motors and two 45A controllers, the ZERO 11X provides ground-breaking acceleration and climbing ability. The LG battery of 2240wh gives an optimal range of 120km! Equipped with 2 pcs. powerful adjustable "headlights" at the front and red LED lights at the back + brake lights. There are good opportunities to mount other accessories on the forks.

This is a product that is truly in a class of its own. A new chapter has opened and ZERO 11X shows the way!

ATTENTION! Before first use:

Check the air pressure. Fill if necessary (recommends 2.8-3.4bar)

Take a safety check of the product

We recommend the use of a helmet

Topping up with air is easy using a bike pump or compressor at a gas station etc. The right air pressure gives good ride comfort, much better acceleration, climbing ability and range. Most importantly, it drastically reduces the risk of punctures! Recommended pressure: 2.8-3.4 bar. If you don't fill the tires with air when it comes out of the box, the tires will go flat (like on a bicycle).

Like all means of transport, this product also needs maintenance. This means checking and possibly tightening the folding mechanism and brakes. Before first use, all bolts, nuts and screws must be checked. Click here for more maintenance tips.

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