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Zero 10X

Zero 10X

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A very powerful electric scooter known for its great hydraulic damping, as well as its 3600 W (peak power) motor and 60 V, 21 Ah battery. The ZERO 10X can handle anything you throw at it, both in the forest and in the city. Only without ratchet in stock.
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Procuct description

Electric scooter developed from off-road to urban riding

The ZERO 10X is an advanced electric scooter with motors in both wheels, as well as front and rear suspension systems. Here the manufacturer has really taken the great qualities required from off-road suspension and used them to create a product that flows seamlessly through the unevenness of urban terrain.

The ZERO 10X offers an impressive riding experience. The up to 1260 Wh battery provides an optimal range of 110 kilometers. With its large and wide 10x3'' tires combined with the dual disc brake system, the ZERO 10X easily handles even the most uneven and challenging terrain you may encounter.

The ZERO 10X's performance clearly surpasses all other electric scooters in ride comfort. The motor size is among the largest and the battery provides more than enough range.

Rated power vs. peak power

It is useful to know the difference between nominal continuous power and peak power. These terms are very different. Please follow the link for more information if you want to know more.

NOTE! Before first use

  1. Check the air pressure. Fill air if necessary (recommended 2.8 - 3.4 bar).
  2. Take a safety check of the product; as with all means of transportation, this product also needs maintenance. This includes checking and possibly tightening screws in the folding mechanism and brakes. Before first use, all bolts, nuts and screws must be checked.
  3. We recommend that you wear a helmet

Filling air is easily done using for example a bicycle pump or compressor at a gas station etc. Higher air pressure contributes to better riding comfort, acceleration, climbing ability and range. But most importantly, it drastically reduces the risk of punctures. The recommended air pressure is 2.8 - 3.4 bar. Fill the tires with air after removing them from the original packaging, otherwise you will puncture the tires like a bicycle.

Remember to take care of your electric vehicle. Electric scooters and bicycles require regular maintenance and care in order to function optimally.

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Motor & Battery

Motor: 2000W nominal motor power, 2x1000W, 3600W max!

Climbing capacity: 35%

Battery: LG 52V 23Ah - 1196Wh

Optimal range: 110 km

Charging time: 9 h


Wheel size: 10"

Brakes: 140mm hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

Cruise control: Yes

IP rating: Not specified

Headlights: Bright white headlights, red taillights + brake lights

Sound: Bell

Collapsible: Yes

Support: Yes


Tires: 10" x 3"

Weight: 35 kg

Weight Driver: 150 kg

Size folded: 126 x 40 x 55 cm

Size Package: 133 x 33.5 x 62 cm