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Vsett 8+

Vsett 8+

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We would like to remind you that for small electric vehicles without pedals, the maximum speed is 20km/h and the maximum power is 250W when used on public roads. Remember protection when driving.

Electric scooter with many modern functions


The Vsett 8+ contains the largest possible 48V 16Ah Li-ion battery. The Vsett 8+ has been upgraded with a dual motor for excellent performance.


Security is a big priority at Vsett. With dual front lights and rear lights, you can be sure that others will see you. Not only that, the Vsett 8+ also has integrated turn signals so you can also enjoy driving on the road in a safer way. In addition, an NFC boot lock is included, which ensures that only you can start your Vsett.

Display functions

The new display is well lit and packed with useful functions such as: cruise control, speed, battery level and acceleration level.

Remember to take care of your electric vehicle. Electric scooters and e-bikes require regular maintenance and care to function optimally. Feel free to look here for tips on maintenance.


  • Up to 90 km range
  • Double engine
  • Impressive battery power

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