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Mercane WideWheel Pro

Mercane WideWheel Pro

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"Almost as much moped as electric scooter" writes in the test of the Mercane WideWheel, now in the long-awaited PRO edition. Comes with a larger and upgraded battery, new double 120 mm disc brakes, new LCD screen and stronger frame.
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Procuct description

Mercane WideWheel - the Cadillac of electric scooters

With smooth lines and 10 cm wide tires, this is an electric scooter that is easy to recognize. The Mercane WideWheel is designed for ultimate riding comfort. Ultra-wide tires with damping in both wheels ensure a comfortable ride. The powerful motors offer strong acceleration and climbing ability, as well as enabling high speeds where applicable.

We highly recommend the WideWheel as it brings a whole new dimension to the riding experience of electric scooters. The cruising feeling that this sleek and powerful machine gives you is really something special.

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What's new?

  • New frame design for increased strength
  • New metal composite mix for increased robustness
  • Reinforced folding mechanism to eliminate slack in the handlebars
  • New LCD Smart display that shows speed, mileage, battery level, volts, cruise control, riding mode and gears.
  • New upgraded braking system: 120mm front and rear disc brakes
  • Upgraded battery with 12% more capacity and increased performance
  • Upgraded headlights and rear lights
    Increased top speed: + 40 km/h
  • Comes with KeyBox, which means you have to have the keys to start it up
  • IPX 4 rated

Remember to take care of your electric vehicle. Electric scooters and bikes require regular maintenance and care to keep them running smoothly. Take a look at our maintenance tips.

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Motor & Battery

Motor: 1000W nominal motor power (2x500W), 2000W max.

Climbing ability: 30%

Battery: 48V 15 Ah - 720Wh

Optimal range: 70 km

Charging time: 4-6 h


Wheel size: 20cm diameter - 10cm wide

Brakes: Double 120mm disc brake, front and rear

Display: Smart LCD

Speedometer: Yes

IP grade: Not specified

Headlights: white LED, taillights: red LED + brake lights

Sound: Bell

Folding: Yes

Support: Yes.


Tires: 8" x 4"

Weight: 22 kg

Weight Driver: 120 kg

Variant Size: 109 x 55 x 110 cm

Size folded: 109 x 22 x 40 cm

Size Package: 114 x 25.5 x 51 cm