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E-Wheels E8

E-Wheels E8

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What is the update from the otherwise known E-Wheels E7?
Twice the battery! Battery of a full 60V and 26Ah gives a full 1560Wh and a range of up to 120 km!

Bigger engine! The motor provides impressive power of 2x1600w (total 3200w)
Hydraulic disc brakes! Gives you full control, reacts immediately when pressing the brake. Lightning-fast braking with impressive brake length!
Upgraded headlight! Comes with two upgraded bright headlights that really light up the road when you drive.

Ignition key! Equipped with an ignition key so that the product is even more secure against theft. Regardless, we recommend a physical lock.
Blinkers! Make other road users aware of what you intend to do.
E-wheels E8 offers an exciting combination of raw power, comfort and good range. It is equipped with two motors that measure impressive maximum power! This makes climbing slopes unproblematic. The acceleration and top speed are completely wild and can be adjusted down via the different driving modes.

We find hydraulic disc brakes on both front and rear wheels, which ensure you the braking distance you need. Furthermore, the electric scooter is equipped with hydraulic dampers at the rear and double spring dampers at the front. Good brakes are important to have a safe and pleasant driving experience, which E-wheels E8 offers!

The electric scooter has a range of settings that allow the rider to adapt the product to their riding style. The display has several different driving settings that allow you to vary the engine power, top speed and acceleration. The standing part is wide and equipped with grip tape that gives you good leg room and a good grip. The handlebars have adjustable height, so you can adjust it perfectly for you.

Remember to take care of your electric vehicle. Electric scooters and electric bicycles require regular maintenance and care to function optimally. Click here for tips on maintenance.



  • Motor: 3200 watts, 2x1600w (6400w max)
  • Battery: 60V 26Ah - 1560Wh
  • Optimal range: 120 km


  • Wheel size: 9"
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Light: Powerful white LED-light in the front and red in the back
  • Sound: Bell
  • Foldable: Yes, folds in 2 seconds. The handlebar becomes a carrying handle.
  • Supports: Yes, foldable


  • Tires: 10" - air filled & tubeless
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Weight Driver: 125 kg
  • Package size: 120 x 28 x 51.5 cm

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